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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  August 14, 2019 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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over the fence giving the seattle mariners his first career three home run game in any 11-6 win. that wraps up his hour of "fox and friends first," thank you for joining us, "fox and friends first" continues right now, goodbye. rob: wednesday, august 14th ever fox news alert, asleep on the job, two guards watching jeffrey epstein does offer hours the same night the millionaire committed suicide. heather: there are reports they tried to cover it up, a major shakeup as the fbi looks at the manhattan jail today. rob: chaos in hong kong. thousands of protesters threatening to shut down the international airport for the third straight day. heather: why those classes on the other side of the world are
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being watched closely in washington. no alcohol for 12 hours before takeoff with one airline implanting new to keep passengers safe. heather: should we need a rule for that? "fox and friends first" continues right now. ♪ jillian: this reminds me of summer. i don't know why but it does. rob: talking about summer. jillian: it is everything. windows down, curtains, good morning. you are watching "fox and friends first" on wednesday
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morning. rob: thanks for getting up early with us. fox news alert, the fbi expected to sweep the jail where jeffrey epstein died of an apparent suicide. heather: this after the warden is transferred in two workers placed on leave. rob: griff jenkins, we are learning records may have been falsified. a cover-up. >> reporter: multiple reports emerging this morning. the new york times and the ap both saying the correction officers charged with checking on the most high profile prisoner in the country, every 30 minutes, asleep on the job for up to 3 hours. he is suspected of falsifying logs showing the contrary which is true to constitute a federal crime. the officers are on administrative leave pending an investigation. this is fox news learning the wharton at the manhattan jail has been reassigned, the doj releasing a statement, today attorney general directed the
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bureau of prisons to temporarily assign a warden at the metropolitan correctional center in new york to the bureau's northeast regional office. the investigation into the apparent suicide of jeffrey epstein, former mcc inmate. the acting wharton of the mcc new york former acting attorney general matt whitaker says all of this is an excuse -- inexcusable. >> there is no reason these failures should have happened. should have been enhanced procedures because of the previous attempt and now success, there were failures that so many more enhanced procedures. it is inexcusable we find ourselves here today. >> reporter: officials say reports they tell us more, the after action team is expected at the facility to determine if police, protocol before epstein's death and gather more information how the decision was
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made in the first place to lift him from suicide watch. the lawmakers in washington on both sides of the aisle are continuing to demand answers. we will have congressional hearings as well. rob: we will keep digging, thanks so much. jillian: thousands of protesters threatened to shut down the hong kong airport for a third straight day. rob: demonstrators worn they can face prison time just hours after riot police moved into clear the terminal. jillian: live from london tensions continue to escalate. >> reporter: the airport is quiet, banned any protest in the airport. yesterday was a totally different matter. yesterday felt like a real turning point in a 10 week long protest and that is because with closure of one of the world's busiest airports a major economic hub, china it was thought couldn't allow this to
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go on it yesterday we saw violent scenes is right police clashed with 10,000 protesters who for two straight days prevented passengers reaching their flight was at one stage mob mentality took over when protesters captured 3 people they thought were undercover police. they beat one of them badly, he turned out to be a journalist and they held him hostage until he was pulled out and rescued by security services. donald trump tweeted this. our intelligence tells us the chinese government is moving troops to the border with hong kong. everyone should be:and safe. soon after the video emerged of the chinese industry build up across the border, up to now china, hong kong police take the lead. they describe the actions of the protesters as terrorism and that is a crucial term that would allow china to intervene directly. yesterday the protest escalated, nancy pelosi and senate majority
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leader mitch mcconnell issued statements in support of the protesters. china responded rightly to the statement saying washington's real goal was to incite chaos in hong kong and the us was directly involved in the unrest. we have troops moving to the border, harsher language from china. we just heard china has restricted and canceled warships to hong kong later this month and all the while underlying issues, calls for the leader to resign, those haven't been dealt with so the feelings these protests will continue to one side or the other back down. remains to be seen what side that is the don't expect the story to go away soon. rob: china bracing for a brutal economic impact from these protests. jillian: gordon chang explained the motivation and why people are backing down. >> protesters in the street, not just the kids but middle-class
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people want china out of their lives. china promised 50 years of one country two systems, in other words autonomy and beijing has not made good on that pledge. people now have said this is our last stand. we are protecting our homes. that is why you see this fervor that has lasted 11 straight weeks and these protests go back to april. this is clearly something people will not compromise on. jillian: washington watching this with a careful eye, a line between supporting democracy and impacting the already fragile trade relationship between the superpowers. rob: a friend who bought body armor and 100 round magazine, the dean shooter is due in federal court today. prosecutors say he lied on firearms forms when he bargained for himself and he could face 15 years in prison now. police release new surveillance video that showed the moments before the deadly shooting.
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the gunman seen arriving at a bar with his sister and her friend. he then goes to other bars for about a half an hour before he heads back to his car to grab a backpack with his ar 15 rifle and body armor inside. police say he shot 26 people in just 32 seconds, 9 were killed. officers lay wreaths to honor a fallen comrade in california. highway patrolman andre moye injured in a shootout, aaron luther opening fire as the officer filed paperwork to impound his car. he was shot and killed by police. he shouldn't have been able to own a gun, here violence, history convicted of attempted murder in 1994. he is remembered as a humble man who lived to serve. >> his mother told me this was his dream job. he loved going to work and it is what he wanted to do.
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he embodied everything the california highway patrol stands for, dedication and service to the public. rob: he is the 27th police officer shot and killed in the line of duty just this year. he served nearly three years and leave behind a wife. jillian: the fbi is investigating an ice office shooting as a targeted act. look at this bullet hole from several shots fired at the building in san antonio. agents believe the gunman knew who to aim for. >> all shots we have found are on the floors where ice had offices. this is no question a targeted attack. jillian: no arrests have been made. there been four anti-ice attacks in a month in washington state. and antifa member lit a car on fire. he was shot and killed by police. the family of a green beret killed in an attack in niger will receive a silver star in his honor today. the army recognizing sergeant
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dustin wright for his powers actions on that day. the special forces soldiers were killed after their convoy was ambushed by isis fighting 2017. the three other soldiers received posthumous awards. rob: two california counties sue the trump administration over its new green card policy, san francisco and santa clara counties responding to the announcement that immigrants on medicaid, food stamps and other federal assistance could be delayed or prevented from getting green cards. the san francisco city attorney writing in part, determining to see if it ends up in the legal garbage bin with the rest of the at ministration of unlawful policies. it pushes people to be more self-reliant, more on that later in the show. jillian: bernie sanders overtaking joe biden in new hampshire. sanders from nearby vermont up 21%, 6 points ahead of biden and nine over elizabeth warren. rob: the poll revealing 11% of
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new hampshire voters are still undecided and that number is higher than the rest of the candidates. 2020 hopeful john takenlooper could bow out of the race. the former colorado governor is considering a run for senate instead. he would be challenging the incumbent republican senator cory gardner. he is one of several 2020 democrats polling at 1%. jillian: stacy abrams, 2020 run of her own, focused on launching a voter protection initiative. abrams lost last year georgia's gubernatorial race to brian kemp. she blames voter protection. rob: asleep on the job, the two guards tasked with watching jeffrey epstein does offer hours that night and tried to cover it up. jillian: what should they be covering osuntairio our next guest, a former fbi national spokesman, gives us his take.
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rob: wrapper jayzee teaming up with the nfl to be the face of the league of social justice initiatives. the star wrapper once called colin kaepernick an iconic figure. a lot of fans are divided on this. more on that coming up.
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of course he's got plans. with labor day deals starting from 20% off, bookers are leaving summer with no regrets. it's labor day! book a place to stay and be a booker at rob: disturbing details on the investigation into the death of jeffrey epstein. jillian: the two guards charged with watching and fell asleep for 3 hours. how does that happen and how does such a high profile prisoner taken off suicide watch? rob: national spokesman for the fbi, thank you for coming on this morning. we will get to it. the big question is how did he get off suicide watch every six days? >> reporter: the way you get off suicide watch is there was a
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medical representative at the facility. psychologists will see that. a lot of it based on the patient's interview. if this person says i am fine, i feel much better. the medication is working, i am good, i want to go forward with my trial those are the indicators they take them off and the reason being resources. do you have the guards to sit and watch a prisoner on suicide watch? the incentive is not to have them on a watch in other areas. >> look at look at the real rarities. not checked for hours is reportedly any way, guards were sleeping for hours at a time and a cellmate. and we reported that, a lot of officers and guards, reports that some of those officers, may not have been corrections officers with other details to be confirmed.
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>> and instead of guarding prisoners. you mean people trained and when necessary. they are working these overnight shifts. and they have a job and failed to do that. even worse, if you are changing the logs that you were doing the right thing then you are lying. that is a federal offense and that should be punishable, might find themselves on the other side of the bar. rob: 70 conspiracy theories but these guards were just a sweet. initially, they mysteriously
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didn't have a cellmate, is that the breakdown of the way things are supposed to work? >> i have been around the jail for many years in my 21 year career with the fbi, and it certainly is it. and implementing these, who is supervising? what are the checks and balances to make sure people are doing their jobs and if you take somebody off of suicide watch, why are they not taking basic precautions. paper sheets, which he used to hang himself. >> i don't buy the whole argument they were just asleep. if that is the case that is the case but a lot of people work overnight hours and you are talking doctors and a ton of people in this country every single night. you have a high profile case, a
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man who was on suicide watch. don't you think these workers need to be workers who were top-notch, to take their job seriously? >> what you need are people that are conscientious, no doubt they are working long hours and working overnight but cops do this all the time. they stay awake longer patrolling. these are people who thought we could get away with it and if that is the case they need to be judged correctly to make sure not just in this prison. this is high profile. rob: we appreciate it. jillian: a big upgrade from the border wall. fox news get a close look at the new 14 mile section that has border agents feeling safer than ever. kim jong un question chick-fil-a fans need an answer to. will they ever be open sunday?
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carly shimkus has the final answer. ♪
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which helps keep people outside from accessing your passwords, credit cards and cameras. and people inside from accidentally visiting sites that aren't secure. and if someone trys we'll let you know. xfi advanced security. if it's connected, it's protected. call, click, or visit a store today. rob: the nfl teaming up with jayzee making in the face of the new social justice initiative. jillian: carly shimkus with serious xm 115 here with your reaction. >> this new social justice initiative is called inspired change. the goal is to promote education, improve police community relationships and committal justice reform.
2:24 am
in 2017 at the height of the national anthem kneeling controversy the nfl pledged $90 million to social justice causes. many people are applauding this partnership, some people see this as an extension of the national anthem controversy which is why you are seeing negative reaction. when twitter user says more reason to start not watching it another 20s the timing and saying can't the nfl just focus on football? the wrapper and his entertainment company rock nation has signed an entertainment deal with the nfl which includes podcasts with players original music and potentially the super bowl halftime show. rob: they've got macaroni and cheese at chick-fil-a now. jillian: but you can't get it on monday. rob: great sunday comfort food. what is up with sunday? >> sickly likely loses $1 billion a year not being open on sunday. everybody wants to know will they ever open every single day
2:25 am
of the week? the answer is no. kathy says he made a simple promise to his father many years ago and that was never to take the company public, to continue with its philanthropic work, and to remain closed on sunday so people can go to church. he is sticking to those rules. victor on twitter says this demonstrates a company can be successfully and still have beliefs and values. not everybody is biting, kristin says never have, never will set foot in one. it is expected to be the biggest fast food chain next year in the united states. rob: that could be the inspiration that you need. >> like a great suspect. let's talk about kate upton being a good role model? >> he is going to be on the
2:26 am
cover of health magazine, that is not a surprise. these pictures are unretouched. she says this is everybody comparing themselves to all these retouched photos, so erica says love her message, and thank you for being real, beautiful cover. he just had a baby too, this was a scary choice to make considering she gave birth in november, so she looks beautiful. >> when you are used to having a lifetime of your photos being touched up and made perfect. rob: no makeup or anything? >> the photos are attached at all. carley: that is right. rob: really impressed. >> i think it is cool. 26 after the hour.
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experience the luxury desire of a full line utility vehicles. at the lexus golden opportunity sales event. lease the 2019 rx 350 for $389 a month for 36 months and we'll make your first month payment. experience amazing. jillian: a look at our top headlines. fbi agents will sweep the jail where jeffrey epstein died of apparent suicide. multiple reports say the guards in charge of watching the multimillionaire fell asleep and falsified records to cover it up. the warden of the jail was transferred and two guards on leave pending multiple investigations.
2:31 am
rob: thousand of pro-democracy protesters gathering up a hong kong airport threatening to shut it down for a third straight day, the busiest in the world. overnight police worked to clear the terminal and demonstrators worn they could face prison time. jillian: two counties to the trump administration over its new green card policy, san francisco and santa clara county responding to the announcement on medicaid food stamps and other federal assistance. rob: a new stretch of border wall completed just last week. the project wrapping up. >> agents feel safer. >> 57 miles of new border barrier, 14 miles completed last week stretching from the pacific ocean east according to cvp and more to come. >> from shifted to remote areas. >> the fence doesn't stop everyone but it buys agents time. these two men found a hole in
2:32 am
the secondary fence but when they saw border patrol, unable to scale the primary fence without a latter they are apprehended in between. >> 60 days, down by 43%. >> reporter: rob morgan credits the program that forces people to wait in mexico. processing their asylum claim but because of shelter overcrowding mexico sending migrants far from the border, others are discouraged and out of money. >> we are going to continue to give them a capacity building information and guidance on how they can do their job but it is their job to make sure their shelters are adequate enough like it is on our side. >> apprehensions are down 43%, just like the near historic lows following the president's election, the constant is change. cartels adjust, mexico remains a wildcard. guatemala saved that agreement. agency they welcome congressional help but
2:33 am
enforcement here was a work in progress. rob: thank you so much. >> bernie sanders overtaking the former vice president in a new hampshire poll. rob: is the society democrat primary at this point is anyone's game? senior advisor to the trump campaign and mike pence's nephew, thanks for coming to the show. i want to start with this poll that came out of new hampshire, democratic primary voters and look at that. you have bernie sanders. and joe biden at 15 and down from there. this is bernie sanders's area, a vermont senator and this is new hampshire but what do you think of this poll? >> it is a marathon. 2020 will be a marathon.
2:34 am
there is a large pack of what we are referring to liberals versus socialists running for the democratic nomination. it is early to tell but we will see a lot of jockeying in the coming month. jillian: what do you think of the fact that joe biden has slipped in that poll? a lot of people have been saying is joe biden going to keep his lead? how long will he keep that lead? will you see that follow suit in other areas? >> a key battleground state, the president will be there in manchester holding a rally. the agenda the president is going to run on his progrowth, pro-jobs and the lowest unemployment rate since 1988 at 2.4% and that is a message the president will bring the people of new hampshire. rob: the candidates versus the
2:35 am
president, you see biden that 53%. looks like he would be the one with the best shot but sanders really close, at 51%. >> not much stock. we have a long race ahead of us and democrats better pace themselves. what they are running on and what we are hearing from the democrat agenda. we heard about healthcare for anyone and everyone that sets foot in this country, the green new deal, more government spending, bigger government when the president is going to bring a message tomorrow to new hampshire of progrowth pro-jobs pro-america and also a winning economy for all americans and that is the message we will let on at the trump campaign for 2020. jillian: who do you think of this point, hard to predict the future. if we could we would probably --
2:36 am
rob: be rich. jillian: right now who do you think has it in them to be able to withstand and be able to go up against donald trump? >> i don't have an answer to that question. in my view i don't think anyone because this president is fighting for the american people, he is putting america first and he is working every day to make america more prosperous and secure nation and that is a winning message in 2016, a winning message in 2020. rob: let's talk about venezuela because we still have this situation that is a disaster with this country. the president looking to go even tougher on maduro's regime but doesn't that but the people of venezuela in a tough spot? he doesn't leave we are inflicting more pain on the people of venezuela? >> donald trump has said since
2:37 am
day one and i will say it in spanish. [speaking spanish] >> america first doesn't mean america alone. this is the message of donald trump as the first world leaders said by declaring juan guaido and recognizing juan guaido as the only legitimate president of venezuela and we continue this country, the united states continues to stand with the people of venezuela. they continue, us, the americans to bring humanitarian aid to a country that is devastated by socialist policies and i see that innocence your way. a democrat right now in new hampshire itself declared socialist is leading the primary and we need to think about what socialism has done in countries like venezuela. each person in venezuela, lost 24 pounds due to malnutrition. there is a serious crisis happening there but as the president and vice president
2:38 am
continue to say, america stands with the people of venezuela, interim president juan guaido, until freedom and democracy is restored. rob: trying to push maduro out. and helping illegal immigrants to escape ice from her court room. >> the airline now implementing new rules to sober up before heading into the cockpit. is that enough? we are going to be right back.
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kim jong un welcome back. the search is on for 13 missing sex offenders.
2:42 am
the convicts removed or tampered with their gps monitoring devices. brandon king was released from prison last week was police believe he cut off his gps bracelet and could be in milwaukee. the judge accused of helping them and evade ice will have his salary reinstated as she fights federal charges. district judge shelley richmond joseph was suspended after prosecutors say she about an immigrant to step out the back of her massachusetts court where an officer was awaiting to arrest him. she will have her $184,000 salary reinstated along with $51,000 in back pay. rob: a resort in the dominican republic is temporarily closing after a woman was allegedly beaten unconscious on its property. the majestic says it is closing its doors due to low occupancy. it plans to reopen in november. the resort is facing a $3 million lawsuit.
2:43 am
tammy lawrence daily claims a staff member strangled and assaulted her in january. look at that picture. united airlines updating a pilot drinking policy following two disturbing arrests. pilots must now quit drinking at least 12 hours before they report to work, 4 hours older than the old policy, the change coming a week after two united pilots were arrested for failing a breath test before the flight from glasgow to new jersey. jillian: time to check the forecast with janice dean. >> it is hump day. rob: any wild weather out there? >> let's take a look. storm reports, tornado reports for parts of ohio. what is going on?
2:44 am
rob: cameras go haywire. >> i've got nothing. tornado report in parts of minnesota and colorado. thankfully no major injuries with this but we did see some damage, we see potential for more strong storms later today across portions of the southeast and the gulf coast as well as high plains states. otherwise, fairly normal forecast if there is such a thing. there is a look at where we could see stronger storms, large hail, damaging winds, isolated tornadoes and flash flooding concerns with some heavier downpours that come with stronger storms was the forecast today hot across the south still. we have building heat for the southwest and the great basin by heat advisory in place for many of these areas, 110 °, hanging onto summertime. rob: i am excited for a jolt of
2:45 am
cold air. i feel like i'm dragging through the dog days. >> oh my gosh, the worst. >> you have to compile a tape of rob complaining. rob: if we didn't complain there would be nothing to go on. you need to have somebody. >> i need to solidify. 15 minutes until the top of the hour. the left is attacking donald trump's crackdown on immigration that could deny green cards. >> he is focused on illegal immigration. >> concerning, it hurts illegal immigrants and our country. jillian: a lot of people think the american dream is about coming here and working hard. should the us keep enabling
2:46 am
economic refugees? we debate that coming up next. jillian: let's check it with peter doocy about "fox and friends". >> i had just written down the note to the tape library on august 14, 2019, at 5:405 am when rob said he had cold weather. >> the 14th he said. >> 2014. this hot weather, he wants accuracy. it is going to be cold enough. in the meantime coming up on our program, eric trump topping by, lots to talk to him about projecting secretary of homeland security, senator tom cotten, tommy laren and john ratzenberger. meet the dancing mom behind this viral internet sensation.
2:47 am
♪ >> i love her. amy stevens, one of the many moms on the rise will be here with her daughter's haley and casey. if that wasn't enough we have back-to-school morning deals on "fox and friends". rob and julian return in two minutes. you are watching "fox and friends first". mie. you're going to be seeing a lot more of him now. -i'm not calling him "dad." -oh, n-no. -look, [sighs] i get it. some new guy comes in helping your mom bundle and save with progressive, but hey, we're all in this together. right, champ? -i'm getting more nuggets. -how about some carrots? you don't want to ruin your dinner. -you're not my dad! -that's fair. overstepped.
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-that's fair. there were tsunamis fourtin the world. and once they happened, we were in a major hurry to get to those regions to provide aid and support. it was very humbling to be able to help out all those people. it's my dream now to go into clean energy and whatever the next new fuel source is,
2:50 am
that's where i want to be. i want to be on the front lines of implementation. how you watch it does too. tv just keeps getting better. this is xfinity x1. featuring the emmy award-winning voice remote. streaming services without changing passwords and input. live sports - with real-time stats and scores. access to the most 4k content. and your movies and shows to go. the best tv experience is the best tv value. xfinity x1. simple. easy. awesome. xfinity. the future of awesome. >> what it looks like is this administration is not just against undocumented immigrants illegal immigrants.
2:51 am
>> it appears as a whole in the president's claim that he focused on illegal immigration. >> extremely concerning. it hurts illegal immigrants and our country. rob: the president's critics outraged about immigration laws that could deny green cards to migrants who need welfare in this country but the the birdie never promised welfare. should the united states be allowing economic refugees? people coming here and need help. former spokesman, republican strategist, want to start with you. what did you think? >> this isn't about anything but denying as many people green cards and us citizenship as possible. what this rule does is it says
2:52 am
immigration officers are allowed to guess if illegal immigrants will ever need public benefits. they are about to work on a laundry list of bogus criteria, they are allowed to say if you don't have an upper-middle-class income they can deny you. if you don't have a perfect credit score they can deny you. and if you have a, quote, extensive medical issue they can deny you a green card. this is illegal immigrants, a way to slam the door in the face of people who are working to become a us citizen. rob: your response? >> donald trump is about securing the borders. immigration is not a right. it is a privilege we extend. america was set up and designed -- not take away individuals like albert einstein. this is about becoming a better and as we all know greater nation. it has nothing to do with the individual or anything else. it is people constantly coming in and flooding the borders. we have to start working smarter and better as a nation. rob: we are in a tremendous
2:53 am
amount of debt and problems we need to fix. is it that problematic to say we prefer not to bring people in that are going to need government assistance? >> these are people that are legally here and working. the wall street journal pet out an editorial board piece with important data points was one of those data points is immigrants are now more likely to use public benefits or welfare than a nativeborn american like you or i. not only that but they are more likely to do one thing, they are more likely to work. rob: if you look at the numbers here it says $2 billion have been saved under the new immigration will end we understand this rule has been around for a while. it is not a new thing the president is trying to implement, the united states is been this way and one more thing, a reporter asked one of the administration officials about what is written on the
2:54 am
statue of liberty alleging they are trying to change that, we don't want to bring in your title your hungry, your poor but if you look at the history of this country most of the welfare in this country was created long after the statue of liberty was directed. people used to come here and you didn't get a free ride if you couldn't make it, you came here and it was a chance and if you didn't make it you just didn't make it. >> correct. many of us got here by working hard and no one is saying let's make it a one tier system. that is not what we are saying. let us know who is coming into the country and do it the right way. we have to keep doing that together and have a system in place not just to flood into the country and give away things and services in our country is not right. we have overextended welfare program that is vastly abused. this is about developing a system coming more into focus and we have to encourage individuals to come into the country and come here the right
2:55 am
way so working together, that is it. rob: you have democrats calling for more socialization in this country, a lot more government benefits. your final word? >> these are immigrants are legally here working to become us citizens and it is giving immigration officers the ability to throw them out because of a whole list of issues. this is one more ploy to slam the door in their faces and the statue of liberty didn't say that we welcome the wealthy and well-connected, we welcome people that do want to work in these immigrants are working on a pathway to become us citizens. rob: appreciate your time and we will be right back. . .
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so any plans for this weekend? of course he's got plans. with labor day deals starting from 20% off, bookers are leaving summer with no regrets. it's labor day! book a place to stay and be a booker at
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m...before she puts them in the dishwasher. book a place to stay and be a booker so what does the dishwasher do? cascade platinum does the work for you, prewashing and removing stuck-on foods, the first time. wow, that's clean! cascade platinum.
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rob: time for the good, the bad, and the ugly. we start with the good. a little boy helps florida deputies beat the heat with lemonade. offering free drinks to the uniformed officers outside of orlando. they all agreed to that and it was delicious. jillian: real life wedding searcher. collins, buy you a beer. >> bobby owe shae. jillian: great movie. for real though, officers need your help identifying this woman accused of showing up to weddings in texas and running off with gifts meant for the nolle weds. awful. rob: a woman breaks up with so-called toxic boyfriend 12
3:00 am
rules to follow at list in england. wanted to approve outfits and demand recording. jillian: what? crazy. have a good day. ♪ damages, dance, dance, it's dance ♪ creeping up on you, so just, dance, dance, dance, come on. ♪ all those things i should do. steve: it's a beautiful morning in midtown, manhattan, it 75 degrees. it is clear, currently, and it is wednesday. ainsley: that's true. if you are bringing the kids to new york before they go back to school you have got to do the trolls experience. this is the song from trolls. you probably know that well. if you have little ones you know that. this song is on repeat in my car in my house. the trolls experience take them through and gets the makeup like poppy or whatever character they like and get to go through and dance to that song.


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